DWR1000 Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator (DSM/Evo 8/9/X)

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The approach taken for the DWR1000 adjustable fuel pressure regulator is not to reinvent the wheel, but simply to make a better wheel. All the best aspects of the existing regulators on the market were included in the DWR1000, but in addition, improvements were made in materials and design to culminate in the best all-around regulator available to date.

Designed and tested specifically for ethanol compatibility – Many popular regulators on the market today contain brass internals, which can corrode and weaken when used with e85. The DWR1000 was designed from the ground up with e85 in mind and is constructed with 100% e85 compatible materials such as stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and nitrile.

The DWR1000 was benchmarked against 5 of the leading regulators on the market and designed to outperform all across multiple categories…

  • 100% Ethanol Compatibility
    • Stainless hardware
    • Nitrile diaphragm
    • High carbon steel spring
    • Anodized housing, available in black or titanium
    • 100% brass free
  • Precision Pressure Adjustment
    • Smooth ball bearing adjustment
    • 2psi/turn pressure ratio
    • Massive 45mm diaphragm
    • Adjustable from 30-100+ psi
  • Maximum Installation Flexibility
    • Multi-positional mounting bracket
    • 2 inlet ports for single or dual rail plumbing
    • Integrated 1/8” NPT gauge port
    • Semi-compact 60mm footprint
  • Highest Quality and Value
    • Competitive price point
    • In-house QA testing process
    • 3-yr comprehensive warranty

The DWR1000 is ideal for the 300hp to 1000hp range and able to handle 500lph of flow. It comes in your choice of anodized black or titanium finish, and an optional 0-100 psi mechanical gauge is available.