ECMTuning - Speed Density Bundle (Mitsu-style MAP, IAT, Pigtails and Bung)

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The complete set up for running speed density with ECMLink. This kit includes a reliable 4-bar MAP sensor with a Mitsubishi MDP-style connector end and a GM IAT sensor with IAT pigtail and bung.

Note that the MAP sensor included in this kit is intended for use on a 2G DSM or EVO with a factory MDP style mounting flange on the manifold and a factory MDP wiring harness connector. If you do not have a 2G or EVO MDP harness connector or you're running a sheet metal manifold that does not incorporate a factory MDP style mounting flange, then you may want the generic GM-style SD bundle instead.

If you're really sure you want a separate pigtail for this MAP sensor, it can be found online by searching for a Standard Motor Products S745 pigtail. It's supposedly the same pigtail used for a 94 BMW 325 cam sensor, but haven't been able to confirm that. Regardless, it's really rare for anyone to order this particular sensor and also need a pigtail since the sensor normally plugs into an existing factory MDP connector.